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First post

Username: fullofillusions
Title: Forever is Never
Genre: Poetry
Summary: Getting your heart broken sucks.

Hi everyone. I'm Judith, and I fancy myself a poet. Here's my first poem for here.

Forever is Never

Dieing from your invasion
Invasion of a heart, entirely
Entirely crushed forever

Forever lasting romantic
Romantic and erotic oddysey
Oddysey spanning millenia
Millenia we were met to have

Have my souls ending
Ending by your attrocity
Attorcity of a raider
Raider of my given tears
Tears taken while alone

Alone with you I never could
Could you know what happend
Happend after you exited
Exited with my heart on a dagger

Dagger standing over
Over was to be never
Never is like eternity
Eternity you'll belive

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