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Title : Random (Lunchtime)
Genre: Poetry!
Rating: PG13, Viewer discression advised.
Description: Mmmm, salad.

Random (lunchtime)

Give me an option, a drive to the sun,
Lead my damn life away
Send her the taco of lord Oberon
Mail me to Tampa tomorrow today.

Raise up your children on high to the light
Empty your arms of their rust
Writing a letter and left off the right
Crawl back to your cantankerous Canadian crust

Cross off the hallways and crosswalks they will
Hell hath no fury like you
Blood left off dripping so whiskey they spill
To tell off the terrible two.

The grants are all given and gone is the glee
Fend off the flame so the tame ones will flee
Fork over knives and the spoons and the kind
Dive into dinner and only the thinner will dare to eat of my mind

Flesh for the taking fears only the bill
And prices have sorn to the sky
Those washing dishes have wept and they will
Feast only on evilly extracted eye

Given the state of the states all thus far
Its safe to say were not at all
Dining in window and drinking at bar
Servings as samples at shops at the mall

They say cannibals have more fun than all of the rest
Of the hair colors given at birth
Tremble when told of the white meat of breast
Women and men are the meats of our mirth

Give it a trial for trying is pallid
Give it a whirl for white girl and salad.
Pass us the salt please, tie on our bibs
The feasting like thunder, will all make us wonder, what animal gave us those ribs.

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