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First post of the new year!

Okay, things have been a little quiet around here. I don't know about everyone else but my creative juices got zapped all to hell with the holiday season. HAPPY MERRY JOYFUL HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL by the by.

Username - Lolly
Title of your work - I Didn't Really Title This One (yes, that's the title)
Genre - Poetry (hears the collective groans)
Brief Blurb - Wrote this a couple of years ago. I did the whole 'put down the first word/phrase that pops in your head' thing.
Rating - G, naturally

Tripping down the path to Nirvana
Following the light of a forbidden sun
Lick the lips of my forgotten God
Forbid the dark entrance to my heart
Skip down the ne'er beaten path
Meet me by the Ju Ju tree
And kiss the day away
Until night's first light sings me home
Sip from honey lips Life's sweet kiss
Tell the world your story
Even they won't listen
Come my dear
Follow me to oblivion
And play in the peach garden of souls

Tra la la ... BYE!
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