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Ok, so this story is actually inspired from one I wrote before. The character in this one has a different name, but it's bascially the same guy. It's based off of my second short I posted here titled "Balance in a Small Town Dinner" This is the opening part, where his creation is explained. So without further delay...

Title: Rafnefar
Genre: Fiction
Rating: PG
Blurg: Again it's the opening. This one is very tame compared to my previous 2 stories, but this is, after all, just the opener.

Part I: The Awakening

Today was like any other day for Edgar. He woke up and began to make his way to his job at the law firm. Edgar was one of the bottom feeding land shark type lawyers. He was personally responsible for getting off countless numbers of rich murders, rapists, thieves and embezzlers.

Today, though, was not going be a normal day for good ol' Ed. He was stopped at a the last intersection before he got to work, waiting to make a left. When a gas truck came barreling through the intersection. The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. The truck slammed into Edgar's one hundred thousand dollar SUV and immediately blew up in a massive fire ball. The explosion could be heard miles away. Four other vehicles at the intersection were thrown around like toy cars in the blast. All total, about 9 people lost their lives in the incident. Our buddy Edgar was included.

Moments later, Edgar came too. He wasn't in his car though. He was not even on solid ground. He was falling. There was nothing to be seen though, as his surroundings were pitch black. He knew he was falling because he could hear the air whipping by his ears. Looking down, he could see a faint orange dot. It seemed to be growing in size, and Edgar knew, that's where his fall would end. Not knowing he was already dead... he began to scream for his life. But that wouldn't help.


The entrance to hell is actually a quite plain looking one. There is an opening to what looks like a vast cavern at the bottom of a very tall pit. The metaphysical bodies of the damned are dropped in the pit when their ascension or reincarnation is rejected on the grounds that their life was lead in a purely evil way. They fall, for what seems to them as eternity, until they are accustomed to falling. Then they hit rock bottom, quite literally. The pain that would be associated with such an impact in the physical world is still felt. But their metaphysical bodies remain unscathed. After recovering from the pain and impact of the fall, they are taken into the pits of hell, to receive their punishment for a life of wickedness.

What the neither the physical or metaphysical realms know is that within the depths of hell, a mutiny is forming. You see, with the number of nefarious ever increasing, it was only a matter of time before the one known as Beelzebub, the ruler of the underworld, was over thrown.

The demons and condemned souls realize that their ruler is tainted. He is touched by the powers that be. He is, after all, a fallen soul just like the rest of them. As such, the damned do not always view him as the evil overlord that they should. It has been told between the inhabitants of eternal damnation, that the fires of Hell could be harnessed to create a purely evil creature. One that would be worthy of ruling. A group of demons have gathered to attempt this, and let loose the pure evil of Hell.

They have gathered at the largest of the black flames to perform their dastardly act. As they group and combine their powers, the black flames swirl and pulsate. An evil glow begins to surround the darkness within the fires of eternal damnation. The glow begins to take it's shape into a metaphysical being. As the flames swirl and crackle, the attention of Beelzebub is now directed at the group. He approaches them to find that a new soul seems to be emerging from the dark flames. He questions them but is interrupted half way through, "What is going on here..."

The new soul emerges and addresses the dark overlord. "These damned souls have awaken me. They have brought me out of the fires of Hell. Born me into existence with the passion for evil that they all possess." The figure looks around at the group of demons. "You all shall be rewarded for your actions." The figure lowered his head and raised his arms slowly until they were above his head. And at that moment, the demons that had gathered all burst into flames. Their screams echoed through the various halls and chambers of Hell. Their metaphysical bodies and souls were now slowing being burnt out of existence.

"A fitting end, wouldn't you agree Lucifer? Instead of leaving them to an eternity of pain, suffering and servitude, I have released their souls from this existence."

Lucifer's reaction to what just happened left him speechless. He now stood face to face with pure evil. The real devil of existence had now been awakened. And his reign as lord of the underworld, was surely over.

"I am pure evil. Born of the fires of eternal damnation. Evil in a more pure form than Satan himself. Never tainted by the likes of the powers that be. I am here now to take my place as ruler of the Underworld and to bring down upon the physical realm, evil like they have never seen before. I am Rafnefar. And my first order of business, is to take care of the likes of you."

And with a gesture of his hand, Lucifer was thrust into the depths of the black fires of Hell. His screams echoed, but he would not be as lucky as the other demons. He would remain there, burning for all eternity.

"Now, I think it's time for me to stretch my legs. I think it's time I go pay a visit to our friends in the physical realm." And with that, he walked to the bottom of the pit at the entrance to Hell. Again, he bowed his head, and in a puff of fire and smoke, disappeared up the long, dark shaft.


Moments after Rafnefar leaves, a loud thud is heard. It's our buddy Edgar slamming into the rocky bottom of the pit. After a few moments of horrible pain, he stands up and walks into Hell. Only find find everyone there wandering aimlessly. Lucifer is no where to be found, but screams seem to be echoing from the dark flames. Unsure of what to do, Edgar hids behind some rocks, still in fear for his no longer existing life.

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