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Name: Twice...
Author: ME!
Genre: Poetry
Rating: pg13, Some little big style of depression. May cause footrash. Dash of suicide talking, but thats only being artistry, it gets better in the end
Description: First poem in a while! Hurray. Took about 4-5 hours proi longer


Twice filled my eyes with bountiful sight, twice filled my mind with horrid delight
Once for the purpose, friends till the last
Twice for the longing, presence denied
Third failed feeling then fades to the past
Fourth was a failure, however hard I tried

Pain is a vesper, love twice as much, Succor the scratches, shy from the touch
Reality falling from what we expect
The drugs of our era the means to our end
Causing an illness your friends will detect
Sodium loves her Potassium Friend

Vices are plenty like rocks on a beach, twice in our sight is twice in our reach.
Gamble my dear, yet don't pass the Rope, (noose)
Ill Give you twice of all that I win
With nothing to start with, not even hope
How can you lose with not but a grin?

There's only so much you can take, twice for the sinner, chancing the break
You may think there's a limit to what
you can take from me
Only the knives know the distance they'll cut
To set the deserving ones free.

Since there's nothing quite left of my self, twice I have regretted my ill gotten health
All will encompass, all will be sought
Each had the will to condemn
Given the option, all will be bought
All will be finished, yes all of them.

Twice are the follies filling my mind, Searching for remedies I'll never find
How I have fucked up, how I have failed,
those who were destined my trust
Onto the board is where I'll be nailed
Onto the ground, as the nails they rust.

Our options are thinning, diseased to the core, Twice as viral as any before
Give me the option to do what I must,
the hands of the steady, and the nerve of the dead
Give me Toronto, Toledo. Heaven or Bust!
The needy need nothing like a blow to the head

There's nothing quite like the death of your glee, twice flamed the riots, twice set me free
Here in the concept below the reader's gaze
Ascendence drains from your mind
It's really her I see through the haze?
Her after all this I'm destined to find?
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