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I must say ...

After a rather long creative dry spell, my Muse has returned .... since around the end of May, I've been steadily working on a story that has now surpassed my longest story ... granted it's only a couple of pages past, but I'm still working on it *really working on it*. I have a feeling this is going to go well over 150 pages, maybe more ... and it brings me JOY. I know a lot of you on here have written stories that go well beyond that mark, but it would be a feat for me since said longest story only reached 46 pages long.

THANK YOU WHATEVER GODS THAT DECIDED TO GIVE ME BACK MY CREATIVITY!!! It's been sorely missed. I'll post a couple pages or so in the next few days ... since I have to get to bed like 2 HOURS AGO because I work early. Okay ... LaLa go bye-bye now.
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